viernes, 8 de septiembre de 2017

Memory Dex Cards Christmas

Today Im playing with the lovely Winnie Winterland - Design Sheet 9 
I made 2 Memory dex cards for my collection with the Christmas theme 
Used My Cameo to cut the Cards and then added the Images
 that I printed and cut with the Cameo Too, 
added some embellishments and they are ready
 either to stand in my collection or to be swaped. 

There are several Groups on FB where you ca find friends
 to swap these with or where you can get lots of ideas too.

viernes, 1 de septiembre de 2017

Christmas clips

Continuing to work on Christmas items 
 My planner obviously needed some clips 
So using Baked With Love Design sheet I have made these cuties 

Design sheets are the best you can find them at the
 POLKADOODLES store and they are easy and convenient 
to use on a great variety of projects I personally Love them 

This one is the one I used 
for my clips 

Its as simple as print cut and then use them as you prefer 
in my case after cutting them I used my laminator  machine 
the cut them again  and added the clip with E6000 so its safe

miércoles, 23 de agosto de 2017

TAW Watercolor Resist

This week at Oddball Im going to show My easy watercolor resist technique 
I use this for lettering, cards, scrap-booking and more and its so easy 
you will fall in love with it and will want to use it all the time. 

The materials I used are 
Water color paper, crayola markers, water spray bottle, ziploc bag and the masking fluid.

I started by drawing with the masking fluid a pattern in my paper
then let it dry... after its dry you can start by bringing the markers and 
the ziploc bag and just draw lines of color into the bag 
spray with the water and flip into the paper

you will see the color getting into the paper, except on those places
 where the masking fluid was used creating a nice patterned paper

Then you call all the family in to scrub off the masking fluid 

They wanted to help LOL 
This is what you will end up with... 
I just embellished a little and added Mother mouse and Crying babies Image 

viernes, 11 de agosto de 2017

Christmas Journal

We at Polkadoodles continue on the Christmas Mood
My countdown says we are 138 days 00 hrs 40 min and 15 sec from Christmas
what means we are pretty close LOL, so we all should start creating Christmas crafts
 This time and for several posts you will see me making new pages on my 2017 December Journal
getting them ready to document the season 

 In this case I used Oddella with wings 
I Loved Her 
I colored her with Polychormos Faber Castell printed on a smooth paper 
also added some snow embellishments as I decided to color her only with cold colors.

Thank you very much for the visit see you next time

viernes, 4 de agosto de 2017

Christmas Trifold Card

This time I dared to make a card! LOL yup you know I usually dont make cards but I found this one and I liked it and it seemed a little bit out of the ordinary so I decided to give t a try! 
Its called the Tri fold card and what I loved about t is that on every closing of the card you can add a message or an image.

For the front of the card I used a Christmas embellishment and the rest of the closings or folds I used a coordinated image from the new sets of Christmas clear stamps from the gorgeous Polkadoodles 

 These stamps you can find them HERE

viernes, 14 de julio de 2017

Christmas in July

Wooo hoooo We are celebrating Christmas at Polkadoodles and DT girls created lots of inspirational projects for you to have ideas on how to use the divine Polkadoodles images.

One of my struggles every year comes when My daughter starts making up ideas about everything she wants me to create for the lasts days in school. 

Teachers presents, cards for best friends and then for the not that good friends LOL,
 little messages to add to a candy for all classmates and more, 
she always wants everything and she gets many ideas
 and usually she does the night before she has to give them away LOL so no more of that

 This year I started ahead of time and she said well 
I want to give a little happy holidays message with a candy to all of the class mates,
 so I thought I could do something using this Winnie Winterland - Design Sheet 13  


I cut some dollies with my cutter machine, 
added the little images from the design sheet and a message to the back of it,
 It fits perfectly what I needed and using these cuties made it easier and beautiful 
Hope you find them useful

viernes, 7 de julio de 2017

THis weeks Challenge Is Red Blue White

For the challenge of the week we Polkadoodles DT created very beautiful projects 
using colors Blue Red and White just in time to get into the July mood 
Just had to print cut and use to decorate my planner weekly spread 
Using these Design sheets is as simple as that they come on various themes and brilliant colors just perfect for the planner addicts, but as well to create a great number of projects. 

Im sure if you go for them you will be back more than once, 
in my case they have become my new favorites. 
Hope yo enjoy all the inspiration and come to play along in the challenge!

miércoles, 28 de junio de 2017

Mini LO

Using Apple A Day I made a simple LO to preserve a meaningful image Of my daughter and her friend walking on a the street!
 This day the little ones were sharing an afternoon together because friend Connie was traveling and they were not seeing each other in a few days! so it was like the farewell party for them

Using some embellishments and the pre colored image from
 the newest Images released by Polkadoodles
 I was able to create a simple but beautiful mini LO to add to my Midori as an insert.

Technique A Week at Oddball Art

Every week we have a new technique TAW for you to try at Oddball Art Stamps   
and This week is my turn as part of the DT we work on different projects to inspire you!

because Im creating a cover for my art journal 
and this image is just perfect for it 

I normally make my own art journals so I can add different types of paper to use With different mediums but most of the times that means I dont have a cute cover, so this time I got the brilliant idea of creating one. 

Started wit coloring the image and pasting it to the piece of card stock

Then I took some white tissue paper and wrinkled it, 
after that I used some gesso to paste it to the borders of the card stock 
to create some texture
Let it dry a little while 
or you can use a heater gun too like I HAD to do, 
since the weather was not cooperating with my plans

Once you make sure its completely dry you can start coloring...
To color it I used Panpastel Which is One of my favorite mediums
 as it covers a lot and has a great variety of vibrant colors
I used 3 colors, lime green, turquoise and orange 
Pan pastels allow you to mix them and they blend so beautifully you don't see the change in colors and like in this case I'm doing on a texture it gives the idea of having shadows and lights when getting into the wrinkles of the paper. 
I personally love this technique I used it a lot in cards and journals. 
After I finished with my coloring I had to make my journal, 
So I selected all the papers I wanted to add inside and punched them on my Cinch,
 then bound them together and voila I have a new journal!

Here you have some pics on the colouring detail image

                Hope you like it and this inspires you to make your own journals from now on,
                       thank you for visiting and see you next week with our next TAW  ;)

lunes, 26 de junio de 2017

Midori Lay Out

I recently found another way to Lay Out my photos and its the so in Midori or traveler's notebook. 
With them you can decorate pictures very quickly and easy to share a memory.
 I Love this since I'm not very detailed like to scrapbook a whole LO 
this is much funnier and easier for me at least! 

Today I used one of the recently released images from POlkadoodles
you can find them HERE
and this is the one I used this time. 
Hope you like this idea and see you soon

domingo, 25 de junio de 2017

Weekly spread! 06/25

My weekly spread full of freshness with these 2 mermaids added recently 
to the newest Polkadoodles collection! 
Working on my planner has never been easier with the Polkadoodles products, 
just printing and decorating I love It! 
This is going to be the last week before Vacation starts so I needed something fresh and cute,  
You can also find them HERE in B/W so you can color them with your favorite colors, 
I would normally color them but when its related to my planner
 I prefer to plan my week easier and quicker so I use them precolored  

YOu can still go and use the discount cod, and save!


sábado, 24 de junio de 2017

Memory Dex Card Lil Miss Sugarpops 3

And here we are with more fabulous Images from the Lil Miss Sugarpops Collections, this time I created a Memory Dex card as These are so cute and easy to make I've been creating and collecting them, different topics different shapes LOVE them all.

Today's Image is part of the most recent set of images that you can find HERE and as we are getting closer to July 4th Independence Day in USA I used Miss USA for this MDC
 In the new released images you can find her Pre-coloured and B/W for you to color 
I hope you all have a great weekend see you soon

viernes, 16 de junio de 2017

PolkaDots With Polkadoodles

For this Challenge we have created lots of beautiful inspirations and the Theme is Polkadots,
 if you visit the BLOG you can enter our Anything goes challenges,
 you can see all the DT inspirations there too. 

For today Im working on my planner again, this time I made a kit of dividers, 
using Polkadoodles design papers 
I took all the polka dots papers I found on these kits #1#2 #3  
which are part of the Li'l' Miss Sugarpops

Using my electronic cutting machine program I created the dividers templates
 and added the papers as background color 
then added one of the images from the same KITS which you can find  HERE

Finally I added a quote, printed, and cut everything
 getting as a result these lovely dividers for planners

viernes, 9 de junio de 2017

Pocket Letter

Today's make is a fabulous Pocket letter made with KIT#1 
 from the latest releases made this week by  POLKADOODLES
These two kits are fulled with images Black and White for you to color, precolored images, lots of embellishments, planner goodies, flowers, design papers, and the ready to go Pocket letters which are the ones I used today!

 With these Pocket letter designs you just have to print, cut, embellish and they are ready to go!

Sunshine Yellows

Sunshine Yellows was a very fun theme for me I love to work my planner every week with a different theme or color and I decide to use A design sheet from the online Polkadoodles STORE

                        It was easy to print at home great colors and a lot of fun in one sheet

 I was able to decorate the complete week spread using a single design sheet, it has lots of images and you can get may ideas out of it, So I think probably will continue using these as there are lots of themes and colors!
 Hope you enjoyed the inspiration by the team 
as much as we enjoy creating it for you! see you next time

jueves, 8 de junio de 2017

Bible Journal

Hey! Here another way use the new Polkadoodles Kits! 
 Today's make using KIT#2

Is a Bible journal page for Joshua 21:45 He is a Promise Keeper.
"Not a single one of His promises was left unfulfilled" 

miércoles, 7 de junio de 2017

Memory Dex Cards

Here Im again, with a new way of using these kits from POLKADOODLES
Since Memory Dex cards are so In right now in the USA and starting to hit many other crafting societies I wanted to start my own collection and Why not to get some to exchange with friends!

I found KIT#1 and KIT#2
are great to create these as well  

 There are my First Memory Cards ever So Lots to improve but With these kits was a lot easier

                                                                  HOpe you like them!

martes, 6 de junio de 2017

Planning with L´il Miss Sugarpops

Today I was playing with the new kits and 

my planner definitely  Polkadoodles

this time gave us a lot to plan with 

Today's inspiration was created with KIT#1


 I love unicorns and this Unicorn girl is so cute I couldnt help putting her in there

 And as you can see I also used the new clips I showed you yesterday!

 Hope you like it and come back tomorrow for more inspiration