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Technique A Week at Oddball Art

Every week we have a new technique TAW for you to try at Oddball Art Stamps   
and This week is my turn as part of the DT we work on different projects to inspire you!

because Im creating a cover for my art journal 
and this image is just perfect for it 

I normally make my own art journals so I can add different types of paper to use With different mediums but most of the times that means I dont have a cute cover, so this time I got the brilliant idea of creating one. 

Started wit coloring the image and pasting it to the piece of card stock

Then I took some white tissue paper and wrinkled it, 
after that I used some gesso to paste it to the borders of the card stock 
to create some texture
Let it dry a little while 
or you can use a heater gun too like I HAD to do, 
since the weather was not cooperating with my plans

Once you make sure its completely dry you can start coloring...
To color it I used Panpastel Which is One of my favorite mediums
 as it covers a lot and has a great variety of vibrant colors
I used 3 colors, lime green, turquoise and orange 
Pan pastels allow you to mix them and they blend so beautifully you don't see the change in colors and like in this case I'm doing on a texture it gives the idea of having shadows and lights when getting into the wrinkles of the paper. 
I personally love this technique I used it a lot in cards and journals. 
After I finished with my coloring I had to make my journal, 
So I selected all the papers I wanted to add inside and punched them on my Cinch,
 then bound them together and voila I have a new journal!

Here you have some pics on the colouring detail image

                Hope you like it and this inspires you to make your own journals from now on,
                       thank you for visiting and see you next week with our next TAW  ;)

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